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Reading Classic Stories Together

My oldest is a confident happy reader, she enjoys reading to herself but she also LOVES it when we read a book together.  It is honestly one of her all time favourite activities.  Curling up on the couch while we … Continue reading

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We are not in a Home Ed Sprint

Here is the thing about home education it is a lifestyle, it takes time, it is not a big SPRINT.  There is no desperate need to finish that book today, if it takes an extra day it is OKAY, if … Continue reading

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A Day off being a Home-educating mom

I Love being a home-educating Mom, I really do.  But here is the thing it is all-consuming, it has a tendency to take over my WHOLE life.  I am always reading up about new topics, find new resources, pinning ideas, … Continue reading

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Sensory Bounce Back

My husband and I have a term in our house –  bounce back.  Sounds strange I am sure but it is the time the kids take to “bounce back” to their normal selves after a sensory overwhelming activity / day(s).  … Continue reading

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She loves to dance

This weekend was a big weekend in our little home.  My oldest danced on stage in a show.  And for the first time in three years I actually got to watch her dance and yes I cried.  My daughter loves … Continue reading

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Nine Years

Nine years ago my oldest was born.  She challenged all my pre-existing ideas that I had about being a parent.  She is kind, gently, loving, protective, smart, funny, sensitive to other people’s needs, she is an incredible daughter and the … Continue reading

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One of my home education essentials is my tablecloth

Yes you read the heading correctly.  A tablecloth.  When we first set out on this home education journey I made the rookie mistake of trying to buy a stack of educational goodies, I spent way too much, most of which … Continue reading

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