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No Neat Bows

I have always liked the idea of doing our topics in order, for me that makes sense.  And I always want to finish off a topic 100% and tie it up with a neat bow before we start the next … Continue reading

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Sensory Swimming Update

Last year I wrote a post about swimming with Sensory Kids and it seemed to really connect with a number of other parents with sensory kids so I thought I would give an update. One of the comments I received … Continue reading

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Encouraging their 2nd language

From day one of being parents we have spoken to the kids in our own home languages (I grew up in an English home and my hubbie grew up in an Afrikaans home).  We have stuck to it and now … Continue reading

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Sensory Christmas

I find Christmas tough.  I always loved Christmas time as a kid but since I have had my own and they have struggled with all the noise and chaos around the festive season it has become a bit more challenging … Continue reading

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Enjoying Learning

I will never deny that I have moments when I wonder if we are doing enough learning activities.  Am I providing enough learning opportunities but still providing the kids with free time to explore and play on their own ?  … Continue reading

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Book sets from the Bookpeople

I mentioned in a post about 2 months ago that I like buying the kids a new book set as a Birthday and Christmas present and that I buy the book sets from the Bookpeople.  Since that post I have … Continue reading

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Winter shoes with Sensory Kids

Shoe shopping has never been a fun activity for us.  From a young ages both kids actually did not want to have the uncomfortable feeling of shoes and would take them off as soon as they could.  Which, with my … Continue reading

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