Anglo-Saxon Maps

We are started reading some Anglo-Saxon Factual Fiction Books.  We are loving them but both my kids started getting a bit confused by the different characters and where they came from (something that is very important for my son to understand or he gets frustrated with the stories).  So we started looking at where the Jutes, Saxons and Angles originally came from and which areas they settled in.  While we were doing this my daughter decided it would be good to have a map showing all of this so we created one – nothing fancy – just hand-drawn but it clearly shows the different groups, the areas they came from and where the initially settled.

Free to download hand-drawn Anglo-Saxon England map showing the Jutes, Saxons and Angles Migration

Then we got onto how they started dispersing, pushing the Celts back and forming their own territories / kingdoms, so again we decided a map was needed and we came up with this one – also a hand-drawn map (we actually have 2 different versions of this one).

Map of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England. Free to download hand-drawn by

The different Kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England. Free to download hand-drawn map by

That was really where our factual fiction books stopped with the different Anglo-Saxons kingdoms but of course we had started researching this so we continued and read up about Danelaw – and you guessed it required a third map.

Map of Anglo-Saxon England showing the Danelaw area. Free to download and hand-drawn by

We are actually creating a Anglo-Saxon board in our lounge area just because that is where we tend to sit when we read our books.  And even though the maps are created by my daughter and myself and are hand drawn I must admit it is helpful having them up as the kids can keep referring back to them.

I am going to leave the PDF files with the maps here in case anyone else wants a visual reminder.

Anglo-Saxon England map showing where the Jutes, Saxons and Angles came from

Map of the Anglo-Saxon England Kingdoms

2nd map of Anglo-Saxon England

Map of Anglo-Saxon England showing the Danelaw.

Also we created blank maps because my daughter wanted to “test” herself and see if she could remember everything so I am attaching the PDF of those blank map templates aswell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are NOT fancy and are Hand-drawn but I know sometimes it can get frustrating when you are looking for a FREE download for home education and you can’t find anything.

Blank Anglo-Saxon Migration (1)

Blank Map of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Blank map of the Anglo-Saxon Danelaw


If you are busy learning about the Anglo-Saxons you might enjoy these books – Shield Maiden and the First King of England


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8 Responses to Anglo-Saxon Maps

  1. Rita says:

    These are great! Thank you for putting them on your blog – we are studying the Anglo-Saxons right now. They are very neat maps!

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  2. Camie says:

    What a great idea! Your maps are fantastic!

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  3. Norah says:

    What a great way to combine learning about history and geography.

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  4. Tina Calvert says:

    Hi I am 68 years old and have started researching English history just for fun. Looking for maps online that would help me make sense of the timeline, I came across your site. So simple, beautifully done! thank you 🙂

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