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My son definitely needs a bit more guidance with spelling compared to his older sister.  She just seems to get the sounds and spelling rules and exceptions quickly whereas I am noticing more and more with him that he needs more practice and more explanation – he finds all the exceptions a bit frustrating as he wants to be able to apply a spelling rule and be done with it.

So we are adding more spelling activities to our normally weekly learning activities.  I wanted a workbook that we could do together, slowly, something that could guide me and give me rules and exceptions that I could then work on with my son.  Since I have been so impressed with the Understanding Maths Range of workbooks by Schofield & Sims I thought I would try their Understanding English: Spelling : KS2 English Study Book, Ages 7-11.  Now we are just starting with this workbook and like I said we are working through it slowly because I often find when we do an exercise I then end up thinking about another spelling activity that is linked so we do that as well.  So it is not a straight forward just sticking to the workbook plan it is more using the workbook to give us guidance and point us in the right direction.  But it seems to be helping.

Working is the Schofield & Sims Understanding English Spelling workbook

As I often see queries about spelling resources I am going to list what is included and share some photos (like I said still early days for us but so far it is proving to be a useful workbook for us).

It is aimed at Key Stage 2 ages so there is an assumption that the kids already know the sounds and  few basics rules.

At the top of every page has a brief explanation with examples which is then followed by exercises for the kids to do – we have found that sometimes the exercises given are enough and other times I need to create more examples for him.

Understanding English Spelling workbook. An example of the explanations included at the top of each page

So what is covered (37 pages of activities excluding the answers at the back)

  • syllables
  • Tricky words / unusual spellings
  • word endings – le, el, al, ol
  • Soft and hard sounds
  • silent letters
  • ie or ei
  • Homophones
  • adding s and ed
  • adding ed and ing
  • prefixes – un, mis, re, im,
  • suffixes – including when words end with an e and y and exception to the rules
  • word structure and word families
  • word endings – tion, sion, ssion, cian, able, ible, tious, cious, tial, cial

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This is not a sponsored post and it is not a gifted item.  I bought this to assist my son with his spelling.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

Schofield & Sims Understanding English Spelling workbook. An english range of workbooks for Key Stage 2 ages

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