Free Times Table Booklets

I was recently searching for some times table resources for my son and I found these times table booklets on the Teachit Primary website which are free to download.  I have downloaded 3 different ones and they are all in the same format so I thought I would share some photos and links of what is included. (I will list the links of each individual booklet at the end of the post).

Each booklet is 11 pages. Oh course once you download the booklet you can always just print out the individual pages that you want.

6 times table booklet from the Teachit Primary website. Free to download times table resource

It starts with a page where the kids can trace over the times table sums and then it goes onto a hundred square where the kids can practice their skip counting by shading in the correct numbers.

Page 4 are the times table sums set out but with a visual representation of what it means – so dots showing the different groups.  I like this page because it is important that the kids get the idea that 3 x 6 is 3 groups of 6.

A page from the free to download 6 times table booklet from the Teachit Primary website

Then it is followed by a page of sum practice and  a page where the sums are depicted in an almost flower.

6 times table booklet. Free to download from the Teachit primary website

Pages 7 and 8 are matching the sums to the correct answers (my son always likes these types of pages when it comes to maths practice).

6 times table booklet from Teachit primary website includes some matching pages

Then another circle page for the kids to complete and a straight forward sum page.  The final page in the pack is a times table crossword.

Free to download 6 time table crossword. Part of the 6 times table booklet from the Teachit primary website

If you are looking for times table practice pages I think these are very useful.

Here are the links for the individual booklets

A note about the Teachit Primary website – if you set up a free account you can download all the PDF documents.  We have the free account.  I have no connection with the website we just use some of their resources as part of our home learning.

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