2019 Calendar

We have had a lovely break over Christmas and I am very slowly starting to think about our home education again – although to be totally honest both kids have been learning a lot over the break – trip to a Science Museum, a lovely exhibit about animals in the dark, using a compass, researching British Kings and Queens – all unplanned and self-led.

But I do need some sort of plan in place just so I feel a bit more organised.  I started off by printing out the 2019 Calendar pages from Activity Village to use as a planner for my own work activities – I like this set because you can choose from different colours / pictures for each month.

Activity Village 2019 Calendar pages

For my “work” planner I just attached the pages together with some colourful ribbon.

Activity Village 2019 Planner, Calendar pages

And I printed a second set out for the kids (well – really my daughter).  She likes to have a schedule of what is happening and because we often do workshops and museum trips with friends a monthly calendar tends to work a lot better than a weekly one.  She is also starting to become a bit of a planner and likes to plot out possible learning topics on her calendar.  I must be honest I love this as it is great for me to look at to get some ideas and inspiration.  For the kids calendar we actually inserted the pages into a small file, mainly because my daughter wanted to have some pages behind the calendar so that she can start making lists (not yet sure what these lists are going to be).

Using the 2019 Activity Village pages for some planning

But like I said I am only very slowly getting back into the swing of things, so 2 sets of calendars all sorted and it is back to the couch to drink more tea and watch yet another festive movie.




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3 Responses to 2019 Calendar

  1. Norah says:

    I like your daughter’s idea of pages behind each month’s calendar for lists and notes and wishes. Enjoy!

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