Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur

My son is slightly dinosaur obsessed. He loves reading up about them and he already has quite a collection of detailed dinosaur books at home.

But just before the second lockdown he found a new dinosaur book at our local library – Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur!: Over 60 Prehistoric Creatures as You’ve Never Seen Them Before and even I must admit it is a really good dinosaur book.

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The first impression you get when you page through this book is how incredible the pictures are. The details, the realism, it really makes you feel like they have taken a photograph of a real life animal.

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Once you get past the stunning pictures what impressed me was how factual this book is. It is aimed at kids over 9 and they have not over-simplified the dinosaur facts which both my son and I really appreciate.

My son has also commented on how many other unusual prehistoric creatures they have included. He loves that there are some new creatures which he had not heard about before.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur

So how is this book set out.

The book is split into 5 main sections.

  1. The Dinosaurs
  2. Triassic Life
  3. Jurassic Life
  4. Cretaceous Life
  5. A new Era

The first section includes interesting pages like how did Vertebrates evolve and What is inside a Dinosaur.  Then under each of the other sections they include an introduction page on the era and then double pages on the different creatures that lived in that era.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur

In the individual dinosaur pages they also include interesting details like how they adapted or what having a specific bone or joint meant.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur

I know there are lots of dinosaur book out there and we already have quite a few of them but this one is a great addition to any kids dinosaur book collection.  The pictures are incredible and they have managed to include a lot of fascinating facts in short concise paragraphs.

We recommend this Knowledge Encyclopedia for other Dinosaur-interested-kids.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur

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