Snap Circuits

We recently gave my son a Snap Circuit set for his birthday and we have all been so impressed with this set that I thought I would share some photos and info on the set.

Now there are a number of different snap circuit sets that you can buy and I honestly have not investigated all of them.  I knew I wanted a basic set, something  to get us started and this particular set was one that one of his friends has and he liked it.  It is the Snap Circuits Jr. – SC-100

Snap Circuit set

The set comes with all the goodies that you need to complete 101 different circuits (you just need to add 2 AA batteries).

Snap circuit Junior set what comes with the set

The set also comes with a manual which sets out each circuit – showing diagrams of how they are set up and explaining a bit about them. (If you lose or damage the manuals you can download copies from their site)

It does have an age recommendation of 8 years and over and my son was given it for his 8th birthday and he was absolutely fine.  In fact he happily sat and worked through the first set of circuits all by himself without any input from my hubbie or myself (he had seen his friend use this set so he was already familiar with the different components).

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His older sister who had never tried a snap circuit before also managed to work away at the circuits by herself.  The only time she needed input was when she wanted to adjust some of the circuits and she wanted to check with us that she was on the correct path.  I love this, I love that after building a recommended circuit she is finding ways to adjust it, change it and then can discuss why the changes she made worked or didn’t work.  I actually spotted that there is a design tool on the website that the kids can use to design their own circuits.  We have not had time to really do this (my daughter did draw a few of the circuits that she created) but after Christmas we are definitely going to give this a go – Snap Circuit Designer

We have only had this set for a week now but I am very impressed with it.  I like the way the manual is set out with the examples, I like that you can order replacement parts if needed and I like that we can always move onto more complex sets.

The circuits are proving a hit with both my kids, they especially like the ones when you can make the fan fly or when there is noise (from a parent point of view the noise may be slightly irritating but I look at it as an educational irritating noise – he has some far noisier toys that really irritate me that have NO educational benefits).


Disclosure – This is NOT sponsored.  We bought the set and really like it so wanted to share. 

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

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  1. Camie says:

    Snap Circuits are awesome!


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