Collective Nouns

My kids love learning the different collective nouns that you get (especially the animal ones) and they often find them strange and funny – eg a parliament of owls.

So we thought it would be fun to make some posters to hang up in the house with a few of their favourite ones on them.  I searched online and found this set of Collective Noun Matching cards from Twinkl Resources (part of their paid for subscription). The set comprises of a fair numbers of animals so each kid could select their favourites for their own poster.

Collective Noun Matching Cards from Twinkl Resources

Each animal has a matching phrase that the kids need to find.  And for each phrase the kids need to add the correct animal word, but the set does come with the answers at the end so you can always double-check to make sure you are on the correct track.

selecting the animal and finding the correct matching phrase from the Collective Noun Matching set from twinkl resources

We chatted about how the kids wanted to create their poster – did they want to use flaps or just stick the labels underneath the picture and also how could they fit all their animals onto their piece of card.   We actually set out the pictures and the labels onto the card before the kids started glueing to make sure they could all fit.

Creating his own Collective Noun Poster using the matching cards from Twinkl Resources

matching the phrase to each picture

We ended up with a couple of different posters, and the all look really great hanging up in the house.

Collective Noun Poster made using the matching cards from Twinkl Resources

My youngest likes the idea of the flaps.

Using the Collective Noun Matching Cards from Twinkl Resources to create a poster with flaps

And I must admit the flaps do work really well as the kids can guess what the corrective phrase is and then lift the flap to see if they were correct.

Home-made Collective Noun Poster made using the matching cards from Twinkl Resources

We also printed out the Collective Noun Loop Cards (also part of Twinkl Resources paid for subscription) and the kids set up a loop on one of their notice boards.

Adding the Twinkl Resources Collective Noun Loop Cards to a notice board

All references to the resources that we used are correct at the time of me writing this post.  I do not work for Twinkl and they do from time to time change their subscriptions and links on the site.  Please contact Twinkl directly for any queries regarding their subscriptions and/ or resources

Easy to make Poster for Collective Nouns. Perfect for learning at home. Made using pages from Twinkl Resources

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  1. another mom says:

    Well done children…I did not know some of them…


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