Learning about Tornadoes

We always seem to do our Weather learning in bits and pieces.  We find a good book or an interesting clip to watch and the kids learn something new but then we seem to quickly move on.  However recently the topic of weather, rather I should say Extreme weather has kept them interested and they are both starting to really get to grips with the different weather events.

One of the activities that really got them interested was our 4M “KidzLabs wrapper Tornado Maker Kit (Multi-Colour).  They both found it fascinating to see the tornado effect (and I must admit it was really easy to set up for them).

Watching the Tornado maker really helped my youngest.  Up until that point he kept getting Tornado, Hurricane, Typhon all mixed up and never knew which was which.  But once he saw the swirling tunnel in the Tornado maker it totally clicked what a Tornado looked like.  And now whenever you say the word Tornado he immediate starts talking about a funnel of spinning air.

I also found a few clips on YouTube for the kids to watch – their favourite one is this one – Tornado Facts for Kids and I really liked this clip – Hurricane vs. Tornado.  There are lots of other great clips on YouTube but my kids really seem to like the ones that Mr DeMaio does – I think they like the way he adds some humour into the clips.

I found a fact Sheet on Activity Village which was really useful (Extreme Weather is definitely one of those topics that I am learning about together with the kids).

Tornado Fact Sheet from Activity Village

Activity Village also have a bunch of Extreme Weather Clozes.  I have been itching to print some out so we tried the Tornado one and my daughter gave it 5 stars.

Tornado Cloze from Activity Village

And I always say you know the kids have understood something when they can explain it – does not matter if it is verbally, in written format or even a diagram.  If they can create something that explains the topic in their own words, that is when I know it has really been understood.

Drawing her own picture of a tornado

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