Springwatch reading comprehension

While I was recently searching the Twinkl website for Reptile resources I came across a new series of reading comprehensions that they have created all about British Wildlife and based on the BBC Springwatch series.    All the resources are FREE to download (in order to download a FREE Twinkl Resource you do need to set up a FREE Twinkl account).

BBC Springwatch and Twinkl reading comprehensions. Free to download for the month of June

The resources are linked to the BBC Springwatch show but I must admit we have actually already used the British Reptile reading comprehension without first watching the show.  There are 8 different reading comprehensions (so far we printed British Reptiles and Pond Life).  Each comprehension consists of 3 versions – you can choose which one you think is the correct level for your kids.  So don’t just download and print as you will duplicate content.

Twinkl's BBC Springwatch Pond Life reading comprehension questions

From what we could tell based on the two that we have printed there are only 2 questions under the Wild Academy Challenge section that requires you to have watched the series.

Twinkl and the BBC Springwatch reading comprehensions include a Springwatch Wild Academy Challenge

We are planning on watching the BBC Springwatch series (I have taped the first 2).  However I do think that these comprehensions are brilliant even if you don’t watch the series as they contain lots of information about British wildlife.

BBC Springwatch and Twinkl KS2 reading comprehension Pond Life

The Twinkl resources which they have created for the BBC Springwatch series are these ones

Doorstep Wildlife

British Reptiles

British Mammals

Our coasts and a Rock Pooling Identification sheet

Garden Birds

Plastic Pollution

Art and Nature

Pond Life and a Pond Dipping Identification sheet

Twinkl's BC Springwatch Free to download Pond dipping identification sheet

As I mentioned above all are Free to download however they will only be available to download until the 12 July 2018.

My advice is if you think they are informative resources then download them now so you have a copy.

BBC Springwatch and Twinkl KS2 reading comprehension about British Reptiles

For more information about the Springwatch series including the Wild challenge have a look here – BBC Springwatch.  There is also a very condensed version of the reading comprehension on the BBC website under the Wild Academy worksheets

All Links to Twinkl and reference to resources being FREE are correct at the time of writing the post

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