Talking about Angles

We have spoken about different angles before but just briefly so I decided it was time to start looking at them a bit closer.  To begin with we just stuck to three angles – right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles.  (The kids do already know that a straight line would be 180 degrees).  I created a quick page showing the angles and used different colours for each angle.

Introducing different types of angles at home

We used our Dive into Shapes set to create out own angles and spoke about how the kids had to be aware of where they were attaching the sticks to get the angles they wanted.  There are two different connectors so if the kids wanted an acute angle they had to be aware of which connector allowed then to place the sticks close together.

Using our Dive into Shapes set from Learning Resources to get familiar with different shapes

The kids then tried to colour code some angles that I had drawn for them. So every right angle was coloured red, every acute angle was blue and obtuse was green.  We often bring colours into our activities as it helps my daughter to visually group items together and it also helps her to recall the differences.

Angle Maths at home

colouring in different types of angles different colours to help the kids get familar with them

And then they both wanted to create their own angles.  With each angle they created they coded them into their colours to represent the different types of angles.

Creating his own angles on spotted grid paper

And after a while they wanted to get a bit more precise, so I showed them how to measuring the angles and they were off.

Working out the angles

I was very happy with our gentle introduction to angles especially as my oldest asked if we could continue with more angles and measurement activities next week.  I was never a huge fan of Geometry at school so I am thrilled that she is taking such a relaxed attitude towards it and is enjoying playing around the angles and shapes.

The grid paper that the kids were using is from Activity Village – Grid Paper Square Dots

And the shape set with the connectors and rods is this one from Learning Resources Learning Resources Dive into Shapes! A “Sea” and Build Geometry Set

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  1. another mom says:

    well done clever, clever children……and it all looks fun too.


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