Myth Match Book

My kids have been in a very creative mode lately, they have been inventing all types of new dragons and other creatures so last week when the Myth Match book arrived it was a perfect fit for the current interest.  As soon as we opened the packaging both kids started looking at the different creatures with their dad.

looking at the Myth match book together

The book is a flip book and each page is split down the center.  So for every picture there is a matching description above it.

Myth Match Book. The dragon double page. For every picture there is a brief description of creature

The kids can then choose to either turn both halves of the page to get to  a new creature or potentially only turn one half of the page and then they create a combination creature (and I am sure most of you can guess that my kids LOVED this).

Myth Match Book. Grifgon. Turn half the page and you get a new mixed up magical creature

They loved the idea of playing around with the different halves to see what kind of magical creature they could create.

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As a home educating mom what I loved about this book was the reading.  The descriptions are not long – for each creature there are three lines but in the descriptions they use some longer more challenging words (great vocabulary stretching type words).  As my son would create a new creature he would look at the description and read it.  This for me was brilliant because as most moms know if you kids are enjoying something they tend to try even harder.  And he REALLY wanted to read those descriptions so he kept on and on trying even the harder words.

And over the week that we have had this book I have noticed that now when he tries to read those descriptions he is getting a lot of the longer, harder words correct.

The illustrations in this book are almost incredible.  And they have been done in such a way that no matter which pages you combine the two halves work together.

Using the Myth Match book to inspire new magical creatures

The illustrations have actually inspired my two to try to create some of their own mythological creatures (ours do also seem to have a strong dinosaur influence coming through).  And while they sat and drew their creatures they come up with their own descriptions.  Each drawing got a Unique Name and for every creature I was told what they liked to eat, where they lived and if they had any strange characteristics.

Creating our own mythological creatures after being inspired by the Myth Match Book

Our whole family has been impressed by this book and it has been such a great inspiration book for the kids.  We Love it and think it would make a stunning birthday present for any kid who loves magical / mythological creatures.

The Myth Match book was sent to use by Laurence King Publishers.  The fact that my kids have loved this book so much has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we were given this book.  I would have happily bought this magical book for my kids.

You can buy this book from Amazon here – Myth Match: A Fantastical Flipbook of Extraordinary Beasts

The Myth Match Book. The kids can mix and match different mythological creatures

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  1. another mom says:

    It looks like a stunning book and the colours are bright and captivating.

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  2. Camie says:

    Oooh! I love books like this!

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