Easy Flower Wreath

This past week I spotted some lovely cheerful looking flower cut-out images on Activity Village and I immediately printed them, even though I had no idea what we were going to do with them.  And as often happens with my two they spotted the printouts and after one of our learning sessions my daughter just sat and cut a few of the flowers out while her brother did his reading.

Activity Village flower cut-outs great cutting activity for kids

And then my son had a go and for the first time he actually  turned the paper around to cut out the images (Very happy mom moment).

And as luck would have it we had a few cut-out paper plates from the butterfly life cycle guest post that I wrote so the kids decided to paint those.  There is something fun about painting paper plates, I think it is because the kids just cover them in one colour so they tend to chat and laugh away while they do it (which also means we often end up with lots of painted paper plates).

Painting cut out paper plates for the flower wreaths

And then more cutting and some glueing.

Activity Village Flower Craft. Flower Wreath

And the end results.

Flower Wreath made from the flower cut-out images from Activity Village

Activity Village Flower Wreath

After we hung two of the wreaths up on one of the kids boards my daughter decided it might be nice just to scatter a few flowers around the board -“just to cheer it up a bit”.

Adding some flower cut-outs to one of our cork boards

The Flower Cut-outs that we used in the wreaths and on our notice boards are all from Activity Village – Flower Cutting shapes 2, Flower Cutting shapes 3 and Flower Cutting Shapes 4.

We have a couple of cork boards in the house and we them to display both art work that the kids have done and posters or key facts about topics that we are learning about.

For those of you who might be interested I will leave the links below for the different items on the board in the picture.

Bird Nest Colouring Picture – downloaded from Activity Village

Peacock Times Table

Watercolour dabbling animals (the cats and the swallows).

The Butterfly Life cycle (one of the items we made for an Activity Village guest post)

Map of Egypt

Viking pictures

Easy Flower Wreath. Made with Images from Activity Village


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2 Responses to Easy Flower Wreath

  1. another mom says:

    What a cheerful board you have and obviously happy little ones.


  2. Camie says:

    I love the amazing you things your kids do with Activity Village resources! The bulletin board is neat!


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