Teachit Primary Free Animal Resources

Earlier this year I discovered the Teachit Primary website and started using some of the Free resources.  On the Teachit Primary website you can download all of their PDF documents by simply creating a FREE account. And they have A LOT of PDF documents on their website.  I started off by looking at their Maths and English Resources, but it was not too long before my kids love of all things animal related had me searching the website to see what animal resources they have.  And once again they have a wide range of FREE to download Science resources and luckily for us included in that wide range of Science resources they have a vast number of animal related resources.

We have honestly only just skimmed the surface of what’s available on this website but I thought I would share some of what we have found.

They have a number of different animal themed fact cards.  Which basically is a picture of the animal and a matching card with some key points.  We like turning ours into folding cards (so glue the fact card on the reverse side of the picture). Two of our favourites especially now that the weather is warming up are the Minibeast Fact Cards

Teachit Primary Website. Minibeast Fact cards include bees and wasps

and the Pond Life Fact Cards

Teachit Primary Website. Free to download Pond Life fact cards

And if you like the idea of the Pond Life Fact Cards you might also be interested in this Pond Life Spotter sheet – I have ours printed and attached to a clip board ready for our next nature work.

Teachit Primary Website. Pond Life Spotter guide. perfect for outdoors activity in the warmer months

We also really like the resources that they have on plant and animal adaptations.  particularly this matching activity – Plant and Animal adaptation Cards.  The kids need to match the picture of the animal or plant to it’s name and to a brief description about it.

Teachit primary Website Science Resource. Animal and Plant Adaption Cards. Key Stage 2 ages

You might also like these Animal adaptation Fact cards

And if your kids like Woodland animals they have a number of resources perfect for a great topic.  We found like the squirrel and fox research packs that you can download.

Teachit Primary Website. Free to download Squirrel Research pack

Teachit primary Website. Free to download Suirrel research pack

Teachit primary Website Free to download Squirrel research pack questions

They also have a Woodland animal spotter guide, woodland fact cards and this Woodland animal cut and label activity.

Teachit Primary Website. Free to download Woodland animal cut and label activity

And last on my list –  the very first animal resources that I downloaded from the Teachit Primary website these two – Vertebrates and Invertebrates fact cards 

Teachit Primary Website. Free to download animal classification cards

and the UK Food Chain activity

Teachit Primary Website. Free to download UK Food Chain activity

Teachit Primary Website. Free to download UK Food Chain activity

If you are looking for some good quality FREE science resources it really is worth having a look at the Teachit Primary Website.

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2 Responses to Teachit Primary Free Animal Resources

  1. another mom says:

    Children who stay at home and are home schooled by a mom who is able to access these types of resources are truly lucky….teaching must be a special gift you have..


  2. WordUnited’s Free Resources Hub has 10s of free videos with many ideas for home learning and playing. You can also download 100s of printables from http://www.wordunited.com/resources. No subscription is required and the resources are ideal for children in early years and primary school age.


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