Tin foil Viking Longship Art

The kids have been so deep in Viking literature that it is not  surprising that it has spilled over into other areas as well.  They wanted to make another Viking Longship picture but they also wanted to make more of their tin foil necklaces so I suggested we combine the two and create Viking Longships on the tin foil (bit of trial and error as we go with this one).

We started by creating a simple Viking Longship picture. We kept it simple for our first go but I think next time we might try to add more details

Then we used some blue tack (prestik) and stuck it onto our tin foil (make sure you have something underneath the tin foil like some card).  And the kids drew over the picture.

Place the picture ontop of the tin foil and then draw over the outlines to create your picture on the tinfoil

When you draw over the picture it naturally leaves an indentation on the tin foil – so you get our outline of the longship – just make sure no-one moves the picture while they are busy tracing as it is impossible to get it back in the exact same position again (that is why we used the blue tack).

Once we had our outline the kids coloured in with their sharpies.

Colouring in our Viking Longship picture that we created on the tin foil

Really a quick and easy Viking art activity but both kids enjoyed the fact that it was on the tin foil. (My son wants to try more tin foil art – according to him colouring-in on tin foil is much cooler than colouring-in on boring, normal paper)

Viking Longship on tin foil

Viking Longship art activity on tin foil. Fun art project for kids to do when they learn about the Vikings

If you are worried about creating our own Viking Longship template you could look here at this set of drawing instructions – Draw a Viking Ship

or you could use this colouring page from Twinkl Resources (it is part of a paid for subscription).

We love our Sharpies and use them a lot in our different art and craft projects so I tend to always buy the kids a larger set with a wide range of colours like this – Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker – Assorted Colours (Pack of 24).

Oh and the tin foil that we used was just normal tin foil from the kitchen.

Viking Art for kids. A Viking Longship on Tin Foil. Fun and Easy to make at home with the kids

Art Activity Inspired after reading the How to Train Your Dragon books.  Viking Art.  Tinfoil art activity


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2 Responses to Tin foil Viking Longship Art

  1. another mom says:

    Your tin foil pictures look lovely and the children seem to enjoy something different….Your ideas are great, doing art to match your current subject matter.


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