Memory Maze Game

I tend to be the parent who buys the kids educational resources and I tend to steer clear of noisy items (my daughter’s hypersensitivity to noise comes from me).  So about 2 weekends ago while I was looking at some new logical thinking games for the kids for Christmas (I have still not settled on which ones to buy but at the moment it is looking like Smart Games – Jump In’ and Smart Games – Temple Trap), I noticed my hubbie had picked up a noisy game and then proceeded to walk to the till to buy it.  I may have uttered an irritated moan under my breath because noisy games normally equates to a weapon to torture me with. (He is the one who bought the kids a set of electronic bongo drums that the kids LOVE playing right next to me for hours on end and I have not quite forgiven him for that purchase).

Memory Maze Challenge game for children

Anyway it actually turns out that the Funtime Memory Maze Educational Toy is actually great.  My youngest LOVES it (my oldest also enjoys it but does find the noise a bit much so plays it in shorter spurts).  The noise is not as bad as I initially thought although I do think a noise control option would be nice.

The kids have to try to copy the sequence of lights and each time they get the sequence correct it gets longer.

Here is a short demo


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