Basic Christmas Templates

The past week has been very busy, the grandparents arrived and both kids have just not wanted to leave their sides.  But this morning my oldest woke up with a cold so we cancelled our plans for the day and instead just stayed home.  I had some basic Christmas templates that I had printed out and my son spotted them on my desk and asked if we could try to use them for some Christmas cards.  So we decided to paint a few and then decide if we could use them (we could have actually used all the ones that he worked on but he ended up only selected two).

Basic Christmas Templates from Twinkl Resources. A painted bauble

The basic Christmas Templates that we used are from Twinkl and are part of their Classic range.  The templates are really basic colouring pages with the outlines and not much detail so the kids can decorate them as they want.  I liked this pack because I thought the kids could paint, colour, add crafty bits like tissue paper, beads and gems and honestly just let them imagination go.

He started off by painting a few of the presents.

painting some of the Basic Christmas Templates from Twinkl Resources to use in some home-made Christmas cards

And then decided to glue on some craft gems that we have.

Adding Craft Gems to his painted Christmas Templates

Basic Christmas Templates from Twinkl Resources. Presents

We also tried glueing some craft buttons on a Santa Hat but afterwards he decided that the craft gems would look better.  I actually love the Santa hat and have another idea on how we could use it so fingers crossed next week I might be able to persuade him to try my idea.

Basic Christmas Templates from Twinkl Resources. Santa's Hat

And of course tissue paper (yes we do love tissue paper).  It would probably have been better to cut the star out and stick it onto the card before adding the tissue paper but crafting with my youngest often means that things happen as he gets ideas so we did the reverse (I did have to help him cut out the star as he was worried about damaging the tissue paper).

Tissue paper Christmas Star made using one of the Basic Christmas templates from Twinkl Resources

Anyway a morning of some fun, easy crafts and he now has two extra Christmas cards to give to his grandparents.

Home-made Christmas Cards made using one of the Basic Christmas Templates from Twinkl Resources

Oh and while I was packing it all away he decided to paint some colourful bells.

Basic Christmas Template from Twinkl Resources. Some painted bells


Basic Christmas Templates used for easy art activities for children.  Templates from Twinkl Resources


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