Dice Games for Kids book

I recently mentioned that one of the permanent parts of our Maths basket is our dice.  I find dice a very versatile Maths tools, starting with basic number recognition and counting up to addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  Dice are so brilliant for Maths practice and most people already have a couple in their house.  We have come up with a few of our own versions of dice games but sometimes I wish I knew more dice games.  Which is where this little book comes in.

Dice Games for Kids written by Lindsay Small the editor of Activity Village website

Dice Games for Kids: 38 Brilliant Dice Games to Enjoy at School or Home

The book contains 38 different dice games.  We are still going through them but so far the games only require – dice, paper and pencil, sometimes some counters or existing kids toys oh and some of the games do need boards but you can download these off the Activity Village website.

Mountain Dice Game from Dice Games for Kids. A book written by Lindsay Small the editor of Activity Village

So what ages are the games for?  From ages three.  A breakdown of the games included in the book are as follows

ages 3+ = 4 games

ages 4+ = 2 games

ages 5+ = 11 games

ages 6+ = 13 games

ages 7+ = 2 games

ages 8+ = 5 games

ages 10+ = 2 games

I am a firm believer that Maths confidence comes from Maths practice and it helps to make that Maths practice fun.  Dice games, especially when the family joins in together is a great way for kids to get some extra Maths practice.

Dice games are also very easy to take with you – perfect for family holidays or just to keep in your bag for those moments when we need to keep one or more kids busy while they wait.

I think it would make a great stocking filler for a parent or someone who works with children.

I personally think it has been a great addition to our Maths basket.

Here is a link for the book on Amazon – Dice Games for Kids: 38 Brilliant Dice Games to Enjoy at School or Home

Bank Dice game included in the Dice Games for Kids a book written by Lindsay Small

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