Colourful Santa again

When my daughter was younger we printed out some colourful Santa’s from Twinkl, she loved them so when we were finished with the Santa’s I packed them away and this past week while we were trying to tidy up for our visitors the kids rediscovered the colourful Santa’s.  My daughter remembered the activities that we did with the Santa’s and took “charge” or explaining everything to her brother.  Naturally as it often happens with my two if the one has done something the other wants to join in or do it themselves so no big surprise my son started ordering the colourful Santa’s.

Colourful Santas from Twinkl Resources.

He started off my placing in them in one line and then he remembered the coloured presents that we used for writing and spelling practice (I was very impressed that he remembered the presents and knew where they were).  He decided each colourful Santa needed a matching colourful present.  (The pack of presents that you download does contain a pink present but ours has been misplaced).

Colourful Santa with his colour Present. Both resources are downloaded from Twinkl

After the presents he added the Ordinal Santa’s.

Adding the Ordinal Santas to the Colourful Santas. Both are from Twinkl Resources

And then he decided that for writing practice he would write out each of ordinal number words on a piece of paper and add them to the correct Santa.

By the time he got to the Pink Santa he decided that Pink Santa needed to have the word pink added to his ordinal number paper as he was missing his pink present and then he decided that it would be better if he wrote the colour word underneath the ordinal word for each Santa. No prompting needed (although I do think the fact that his sister had done this a few years ago prompted him to try really hard.)

Red colourful Santa part of a multicoloured santa download from Twinkl.  The presents and the ordinal numbered santas are also from Twinkl


I Love it when we get to reuse our printouts over and over again and I really think the colourful presents worked well with the colourful Santa’s.

The colourful Santas are part of Twinkl’s classic collection

The colourful Presents are Free to download from Twinkl – we printed ours out a few years ago and reduced the size to 4 presents on a page.

The Ordinal Numbered Santas are part of Twinkl’s classic collection.  We printed our out in Black and White but they also have a colour version

Colourful Santas with their coloured presents and the Ordinal Santas. All items from Twinkl

All Twinkl Links are correct at the time of me writing this post.


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