Advent Colouring Books

Last week we received a lovely little package of books in the post from the editor of Activity Village.  And inside the package were two Advent Calendar Colouring books –Advent Calendar Colouring Book for Kids: 24 Numbered Christmas Colouring Pages for Advent  and Advent Calendar Colouring Book: 24 Numbered Christmas Colouring Pages for Adults and Older Children

Advent Calendar Colouring Books

The kids and I immediately had a quick page through and my daughter declared they would be perfect for family colouring in, so that is exactly what we are planning on doing.  Family colouring is something that we introduced a few years ago as a way to encourage my daughter to colour in as she was not a fan and struggled with pencil pressure and weak hands.  We would set together at our kitchen table (normally with a few snacks) and she and I would chat and complete a picture together.  We started with simple pictures but she enjoyed it so much that years later we still do it only now we work on detailed pictures together.  And it has grown to include whichever family member is around (even their dad who normally tries hard to avoid art activities joins in).

The two books have the same themed pictures for each day but the adult/ older children version is more detailed with lots of smaller colouring  sections (very similar to the mindfullness colouring pages that you find these days).

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I do agree with my daughter that the two books work well together because the days have the same themes.  So my youngest could work on the kid version and my oldest could do the adult version and then everyone else could join in (the grandparents are coming out for Christmas so I have no doubt they will get drafted into some family colouring in).

And something that I really like about the books, they have not printed pages back to back.  I LOVE that as it prevents colour coming through from the picture behind.  And it also means you could remove the pages from the book and hang them up.

My son has already decided that his favourite page is day 9 – the cat

Advent Calendar colouring book for kids. Day 9

and my daughter loves the last one day 24 the Santa sticking out of the chimney.

Advent Calendar colouring book. Day 24

I think our two new advent colouring book are going to be great addition to our Christmas activities.  I really am starting to get a bit excited about Christmas.

Update :  I thought I would include a few pictures of completed pages

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Advent Calendar Colouring Books.  Two different versions

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