The Story of Christmas – Advent Calender book set

I was never big on Advent Calendars mainly because I was not keen on the chocolate versions that you always see but about 3 years ago we found an Advent Calender that is a small book set.  I quickly ordered it and it has become one of my favourite Christmas activities. Each evening the kids and I curl up on the couch and we select the correct booklet, read the story and the kids hang it on the tree.  ( I do LOVE chocolate but for whatever reason a chocolate advent calendar just did not appeal to me – just my own personal preference).

The Story of Christmas Story Book Set containing 24 booklets which you hang on the tree

All the books are packed into a hard card cover with flaps that fold out.

The Story of Christmas book set contains 24 mini booklets which you hang on the Christmas tree in the build up to Christmas

The books themselves are very simple.  The text inside is not complex and the illustrations are also fairly simple but we love them.  In fact I think the simple illustrations suit it.  There is no need for excess bells and whistles this is about sitting with the kids and reading the story of Christmas together. I love the fact that the kids are excited to sit each night and read the story.

The Story of Christmas book set. Inside one of the little booklets

We were recently digging in the garage getting some Christmas crafts out and my daughter squealed with delight – “mom it’s still here”.  She proceeded to take it into the lounge and re-read every story in one go.

Reading the booklets out of the Story of Christmas book set

It really is one of our Favourite Family Christmas traditions and we are all patiently waiting so we can start re-reading each book and then hang them onto our tree.

The Story of Christmas book set one of the books hanging on the Christmas tree

We bought our set from Amazon here is the link – The Story of Christmas

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  1. another mom says:

    This is lovely…can’t wait to see and hear the stories when we are there.


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