K’Nex everywhere

Building animals and vechiles with K'Nex. A fantastic STEM toy for children

A few months ago we were sent two Educational K’Nex sets.  They are great sets but little did I realise that those two K’Nex sets were going to set off a chain reaction of K’Nex everywhere.  It appears like those two set have just multiplied (okay after seeing how much my kids loved the K’Nex I did buy some K’Nex boxes).  But honestly some days it feels like we are just living in a K’Nex world – possibly largely due to the fact that my lounge floor is now a K’Nex zone.

K'Nex has taken over our home

The builds can vary from easier ones like this fish

Building K'nex creation like this fish

too much harder ones like the helicopter.

K'Nex helicopter. K'Nex is an amazing STEM resource for kids to play with

And there are so many instructions for the kids.  Each box comes with a booklet with instructions for lots of different builds and you can also log onto their website and input your box number and you will find LOTS more build instructions to download  – the link for the extra K’Nex instructions is here – K’Nex instructions.

My kids also love using their own imaginations to create their own variations of the builds.  I have been so impressed to see how after following build instructions the kids are able to start applying some of the ideas to their own creations – doors that swing open, figuring out how to balance a plane so that it stands on the wheels, creating a butterfly with extra wings all of which are able to flap, spinning wheels I could go on and on.  But really I have seen so much learning happening while they are playing with their K’nex sets.  They have figured out some concepts which have totally surprised me and it is because they are involved, using their hands, building, sometimes making mistakes and then having to take the build apart and redo it but all the time they are learning.

K'Nex the dragonfly with wings that move

I always knew that K’Nex was a good building activity for the kids but until we bought our own and watched the kids explore I never realized just how much they would learn by playing and having fun with K’Nex.

And honestly if my lounge stays a K’Nex area I am totally fine with it.

We are still relatively new to the whole K’Nex world but we have bought the kids the K’NEX Imagine 52 Model Building Set for Ages 7+, Engineering Education Toy, 618 Pieces – my kids love it as they can build lots of animals and vehicles with this set.  And I also bought them a different set – K’NEX Imagine 35 Model Building Set for Ages 7+, Construction Education Toy, 480 Pieces.  At the time of buying the second one I did not realise that the pieces were smaller (see pic below)

K'Nex pieces the different sizes

but it does come with little connector pieces which allow you to combine the smaller pieces with the bigger pieces and honestly my kids love BOTH.  But I would suggest if you have never tried K’Nex before to maybe try the normal size pieces first before moving onto the smaller ones.

This Jet was built by my six-year old using the smaller pieces from the second set I mentioned.

K'Nex Jet built with the K'Nex 35 model ultimate building set





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    K’nex are so cool!


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