Colouring with Tissue Paper Detail

When my daughter was younger she was not a fan of colouring in but she loved crafting so we tried to combine the two as much as we could.  And one of the activities that stuck with us is colouring in a picture and then adding tissue paper to it.  When she was younger the tissue paper tended to cover most of the picture but as she has gotten older and has started to enjoy colouring in the tissue paper has become more about adding details.  But either way it always seems to bring some fun to the pictures.

Activity Village Ballerina template with pink tissue paper added for details

The one is the Activity Village Ballerina Template – she coloured in the background black and then used pink tissue paper for the tutu and ballet shoes (apparently it is supposed to be her ballet teacher).  I love this one.

We have found two key points when doing these pictures – first keep the colouring page that the kids are using simple, too much small detail does not tend to go down well when the kids are trying to add tissue paper.  Also it helps if the kids do the colouring in first before they add the tissue paper.  It gets a bit tricky if they try to colour in around the tissue paper.  Oh and if your kids are anything like mine possibly print out a few copies of the page.  Both my kids often end up doing 2 or 3 versions of the same picture until they are happy with their end result.

Activity Village Seahorse colouring page done with water colour pencils

Normally they end up changing their minds about the colours that they have used in the first draft.  The Seahorse is this one – Seahorse colouring Page

Activity Village Seahorse colouring page completed with watercolour pencils and with tissue paper added to give texture

My son has also started doing a few of these pictures – although he tends to be the opposite of my daughter – he is not a fan of tissue paper so he naturally tends to keep the tissue paper extras to the minimum.

Activity Village apple tree colouring page done with water colour pencils and tissue paper as the apples

The Apple tree is this one – Activity Village Apple Tree

The Water colour pencils that my kids used are one of their old favourites – STABILO Woody 3-in-1 Multi-Talented Pencils with Sharpener, assorted colours wallet 10 (they are fat wooden pencils which we have had for years).

All of the Colouring pages that we used are from Activity Village and are member pages (currently their membership is £12 for 12 months)

Adding Tissue paper Detail to colouring pages. Perfect for kids enjoy crafting activities







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3 Responses to Colouring with Tissue Paper Detail

  1. another mom says:

    Love this art/craft the effects are lovely.


  2. realsloah says:

    Ooh, I love the texture! Mixed media is always such fun. 🙂 x


  3. Camie says:

    Love the arts and crafts you do in your homeschool!


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