Stained glass window paintings for children

Paint Lab for kids a stunning children's book filled with painting projects for you to try with the kids

We have been using our Paint Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Painting and Mixed Media for Budding Artists of All Ages (Lab Series) by Stephanie Corfee (2015-12-15) book for a few weeks now and all of us love the activities.  One of our favourites has to be the Dimensional Outline stained glass window watercolours.  So much fun.

For this we did need to buy some dimensional paint (I bought this one Tulip 3D Fabric Paint 4oz Slick (Black)). We have never used dimensional paint before and I must admit we are now slightly hooked on it.  Love the stuff and as a side note I realized when watching my youngest use it that it is a great hand strengthening activity for him.

The kids started off with drawing their picture in pencils (we traced around our breakfast bowls to get the outline of the circle).

Creating the dimensional outline for the stained glass window art project. Idea inspired by Paint lab for kids

Once they were happy with their picture they traced over the pencil with the dimensional paint.  I want to stress the tracing is not going to be perfect, especially for younger kids, the dimensional paint is going to be lumpy in places and thinner in other areas, but I honestly don’t think it ruins their pictures.  And I personally was very glad that my six-year-old was happily tracing over the whole picture. (The picture below is an outline that my six-year-old did with the dimensional paint)

Dimensional Paint outline for a stained glass window painting project for children.

As advised in the book we left our outlines to dry overnight and then the next day the kids used their water-colour paints to fill in the sections.

They ended up making some lovely stained glass window paintings (which tied in nicely with our current middle ages theme).

Stained glass window art activity for children. Fun painting project using watercolour paints and some dimensional paint

But you can use this idea for all kinds of pictures.

I daughter used a picture in the Paint Lab for kids book for inspiration and did this one.

Dimensional Outline Art Activity for children. OUtline any picture with dimensional paint and then paint with watercolours

It really could be adapted for any topic.

Both my kids love the effect that the dimensional paint gives their pictures and I can honestly see this becoming one of their new favourite art activities.

Stained glass window ainting activity for children.

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Dimensional Outline Art project for children from Paint lab for kids.  Stained glass window project




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