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I was recently asked about some of the posters that we have hanging up in the house (someone asked after spotting a few of them in some of my photos).  I do change the posters from time to time but I will share what we have up now and what we recently had up.

The cork board above the kids desks is in the room with large sliding doors that open onto our garden so it tends to be the home of our British Garden Bird Poster – British Birds – Educational Poster (40x60cm).  The kids love this poster and will often check back if they are not 100% sure about the bird they have spotted (although I am noticing that as they get better at identifying the birds they are using it less and less).

One of the kids learning boards that has a British Bird Poster and some maths goodies on it

We also tend to have Maths goodies up here.  At one stage we had the 2, 4, 8 times table poster up (Twinkl platinum), but these days we have the 9 times table poster up (also Twinkl platinum) and we have some skip counting numbers for my youngest – Individual skip counting posters (free to download from Twinkl).

We also have a board up in our kitchen.  At the moment this board has a Measurement Poster that I bought – Metric Units and Measurement Educational Poster 40x60cm (this is great for lots of ongoing discussions about everyday life),

A Metric Unit and Measurement Poster

a fraction, decimal and percentage poster, (Twinkl Platinum)

Fractions, decimals and percentages poster from Twinkl Resources

the Days of the Week and a mini number words poster.  In the past we have also had the 0-200 number poster and the Clock up here (The clock is currently stuck onto the side of a bookshelf).

Analogue Flower Petal Clock from Twinkl Resources

The cork board in the kid’s bedroom use to be full of Afrikaans items (our 2nd language) but recently we changed this to the Common Word Posters.  We did this for my youngest as he likes practicing reading his words in the evening before he goes to sleep.  These common word posters have really increased his reading confidence and word recognition speed. (We do a mix of phonics and sight words, I believe understanding the phonic sounds helps the kids with their spelling but I also think being able to recognise high frequency words quickly helps them with their reading. It is a combination that has worked really well with my daughter).

Maybe you are wondering why we have the posters scattered around the house ?  Both our children are visual learners and they activity look at the posters, read them and talk about them on a regular basis.  Having said that we are very aware about cluttering the boards as too much is very overwhelming especially for my daughter. My daughter also does not like being rushed when she is learning something.  So I have found that after we introduce something it is often best to leave it and give her time to process.  While she is processing, she will read up about whatever the topic is, write, draw, figure out stuff herself around the topic (we have lots of maths manipulative scattered around the house which the kids have free access it) and then she will come back to me with a bunch of related questions and we will revisit the topic.  This works really well for her and we have found that having posters up around the topic helps with this.  So we recently talked about decimals (hence the fractions, decimal, percentage poster is up), also she only has two more times tables left to practice –  the 9 times and 12 times  – so  the 9 times table poster is up.

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