Stick Puppets Everywhere

Since last week the kids have been going on a stick puppet craze.  I initially thought it would last a day but it did not.  I have now lost count on how many they have made and I am just sitting back and watching in amazement at all the activities that they are doing over and over again to create their stick puppets.

My family stick puppets printed in black and white and then coloured in by the kids

I printed out all the templates in black and white so the kids have had to colour them all in (and when you are now looking at over 100 stick puppets that is a fair bit of colouring in).  And my youngest who often only half finishes his page has sat and done page after page without a single complaint, in fact once he has finished he normally comes and asks me for more.

Stick puppets in black and white and then the kids colour them in

After the colouring in comes all the cutting – and it is not straight forward cutting out either but both kids are so determined that they have sat and concentrated really hard and cut out detail that I never thought they would have managed.

Creating stick puppets encourages lots of cutting practice

And then the cut-out needs to get stuck onto a craft stick

stick puppets

Now if I am totally honest all of that would make me one happy home-ed mom.  As the entire stick puppet town which is fast growing in the sitting room is 100% their doing, their idea and their work.  I just printed off a few templates that they asked for.

But that it not all of it.

The have also been using the templates that I printed for them to create their own.  My daughter realized that she could place a piece of paper on top of the templates and trace over the shape of the animals.  So instead of having one lion and lioness they now have multiple prides of lions.

Tracing over the lion stick puppet templates to create a whole pride of lions

And if you want a pride of lions you need cubs.  However I did not print off any templates for lion cubs.  So my daughter fetched one of her animal drawing books and drew 4 lion cubes for herself and then after her brother saw and asked her very nicely she also drew some tiger cubs for him.

Drawing lion cubs to make stick puppets with

And then the stories came.  The kids made up all kinds of stories with the stick puppets and acted out a bunch of scenarios.  And even wrote a few done in the new stick puppet book.

Animal stick puppets printed out in black and white and coloured in by the kids

The stick puppet templates that the kids used are from Twinkl they were the – Family stick Puppets (part of platinum pages) and the animals were from the Noah’s Ark Stick Puppets and the Crocodile themed stick puppets  also part of their paid for pages.

stick puppets oh stick puppets






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  1. realsloah says:

    My goodness, you lot are patient! Your daughter’s drawings are lovely. 🙂 x


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