Bean Bag, times table practice fun

We have often played maths games which involve throwing a bean bag or soft dice and the kids always enjoy them.  So yesterday when we were revising a few times tables I suddenly though why not combine our times table revision with our bean bags.

We used our times table folding cards from Twinkl (we have been using them for practicing times tables for ages so I already had them all printed out ready – I will include links for all the cards at the bottom of the post) and our bean bags are from ELC in the UK.  I set out the cards in a very random fashion on our floor and the kids started throwing their bean bags.

Throwing their bean bags onto a sum and then answering the sum it lands on

Every time a bean bag landed on a card (or came very near to one) they  would give the answer to the sum and then remove the card.

practicing times table by throwing a bean bag and then answering the sum

And yes my youngest who has not done any times table joined in.  He would throw a bean bag and then read the sum out to his sister and she would tell him the answer (and he would check the answer on the reverse side to make sure she got it correct).

Times table practice with Twinkl's folding cards and some bean bags

Really simple but both kids enjoyed the game and they have informed me that they want to show it to their dad this weekend.  And bonus for me because they were up on their feet moving while they practiced the sums my daughter ended up practicing far more times table sums in one go than she ever would have if I had given her a worksheet to complete.

My youngest definitely enjoyed joining in with the game (he loves a good excuse to throw the bean bags) and has requested some of his own addition cards for a game next week

Throw a bean bag and then answer a sum

All of the cards that we used are from Twinkl (part of their paid for platinum package) here are the links

2 times table folding cards

3 times table folding cards

4 times table folding cards

5 times table folding cards

6 times table folding cards

7 times table folding cards

8 times table folding cards

9 times table folding cards

10 times table folding cards

11 times table folding cards

12 times table folding cards

Practice your times table with some bean bags and the folding cards from Twinkl








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