Learning Resources Lab Set

The kids seem to be going through a science phase at the moment so I was thrilled when Learning Resources asked if we would like to test out their primary science lab set.

Learning Resources science lab set

It is a basic set aimed at younger kids and as we do not have anything like this in our house I thought it would be a fun addition to our home-ed resources, and I was right, both kids have loved it.

The set comes with 10 experiment cards (and you can also download a further 10 cards from their bonus section – just look under Science / primary science and you will see a link there).  The experiment cards allowed my 8-year-old to take control.  She would read the cards and explain to her brother what they needed to do and the two of them managed to complete the experiments by themselves.

Learning Resources science lab set enables young kids to do some basic science experiments by themselves

I must mention that each experiment does call for a couple of extra items, like vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, oil, an egg or a lemon. Most of the extra stuff needed we already had in our kitchen and the one of two things we did not have we could buy at our local grocery store.

Performing science experiments at home using the learning resources lab set

All of the items included in the set appear to be fairly sturdy.  Both my kids have been using the set every day for the past week, they have knocked the test tubes over a few times and apart from spilling the contents nothing broke or got damaged.  The flask is sturdy and great for pouring liquids into the beaker and or test tubes.  The eyedropper works well with little hands and the googles and magnifying glass are perfect for younger kids who want to walk around the house pretending to be scientists.

The experiments are fairly simple but they do introduce the kids to concepts like acids, density, carbon dioxide and more.  And after working through the experiment cards both my kids have started asking a lot more “sciency” questions.  They have asked we to explain some of the new concepts in more detail and have even asked to redo a few of the experiments but they want to redo the experiments and change one of the inputs so they can see how it affects the outcome (love that they are starting to think like this).


By working through the experiments on the cards both kids have gained some new confidence with science terminology and they have found a new interest – science experiments in the kitchen.

creating a volcano with the learning resources lab set


This science lab set has been a great addition to our home.

Learning Resources send us the set in exchange for me completing a tried and tested  form for their website.









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  1. another mom says:

    This all looks very exciting and the subject matter will just grow and grow with time. Children love to have some control with what they do and then having an unexpected outcome…just amazing. Well done mom, an excellent addition to your arsenal of work both present and in the future.


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