Colour Together Nature Book

The kids and I often do art activities together, we will sometimes jointly colour in a picture, draw together on a large piece of paper or even paint together.  My oldest in particular enjoys it when we do joint art activities so when Andersen Press asked if we would be interested in a copy of the Colour Together Nature book I immediately liked the sound of it.  Let me state at the very beginning we are not normally fans of colouring books but I liked the idea that each double page has been designed with a simpler and harder version of the same topic as a way of encouraging family members to sit and colour together (okay so you might ask why would you want to colour together ? – In my experience sitting with the kids and joining in normally results in lots of open chats).

When the book arrived I was not disappointed.  The pictures are stunning.

Colour Together Nature Book example of an inside page

And both the simpler page and the more complicated page are equally stunning.

colour together nature book example of a double page

And my daughter (who is currently eight years old) agreed.  She thought the pictures were gorgeous and she loved the topics – butterflies, foxes, mushrooms, beetles stunning nature pictures.

Colour Together Nature Book - spring blossoms

She also liked the fact that the background of each picture is already “coloured” in.  So you can concentrate on the stunning pictures and you don’t have to worry about the background.

Colour Together Nature Book Butterfly page partly coloured in

We actually recently used the book as a calming down activity and it was great.  We had been out to London on a very busy, noisy outing and by the time we got home my daughter desperately needed a quiet activity that she could do with me.  The book was perfect.  We sat next to each other and quietly coloured in a stunning butterfly picture.  It totally did the trick and helped her to relax after the busy outing.

Colour Together Nature Book a stunning colouring book

So as I mentioned we were given this book you might be wondering would I happily buy this book ? – YES.  I would absolutely buy this for my daughter.  And I am actually planning on buying a copy as a birthday present for one of my daughter’s friends.  My parents who are currently visiting both commented on how lovely this book is and how it looks like a really good quality book.  We really do LOVE it.

You can buy the book from Amazon  – Colour Together: Nature

Colour Together Nature Book a stunning book which enourages family colouring




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  1. Camie says:

    I love the activity of coloring together. 🙂

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