Nativity Cone People

My kids enjoy making Christmas decorations and they love the Cone People from Twinkl so when I stumbled on the Nativity Cone people (I was actually looking for another Nativity activity) I immediately printed them out for the kids.  I actually printed them on some thin card that we have as I wanted to make sure that they would last once the kids had done all the colouring.

My kids initially tried to figure out what colours they should use by looking at some books that we had but as the illustrations in most books are different we decided that they could use their own colours.

Nativity Cone peple from Twinkl

The download includes 10 different cone figures – Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Angel, three Wise Men, two Shepherds and one sheep – so it involves a fair bit of colouring in (you can also print out a coloured version if you wanted).  So we did ours over a few days.

Nativity Cone People from Twinkl - Baby Jesus being coloured in

Once the kids had coloured all the cone people in we cut them out and stuck them together (note if you decide to hang the cone people I would recommend using a hole punch to create a hole before you stick them together – I did not do this so it was a lot harder to make a neat hole later on).

The initial idea was to create a scene with the cone people on the mantle above the fire-place.

Nativity Cone People a great Christmas activity for children

And although we thought it made a lovely display once we started putting our Christmas tree up the kids asked if we could not hang the cone people on the tree (so a small hole at the back and some red string and we had hanging cone people).

Nativity Cone People hanging on the Christmas tree

And I must admit I love the cone people hanging on the Christmas tree.  It was really easy to do and I think (yes yes I know I am bias) they make a lovely child-made Christmas tree decoration.

Cone People Christmas tree decorations

The Nativity Cone People are part of Twinkl’s platinum package here is the link – Nativity Cone People

The card we use – we like the White Copier card – it is not as thick as normal card (so it is a bit cheaper to buy) but it is a lot sturdier than using normal paper – we buy this – Lightweight White Card for Children to Use in All Types of Crafts 160 gsm (Pack of 100).  It is perfect for printing out pages that you want to turn into booklets / cards and also great for crafting activities.

Nativity Cone People a fun Christmas activity for childrenI have included Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.





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  1. Camie says:

    These are cute! I love kid ornaments on Christmas trees.

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