I can draw animal books

The kids have been using two animal drawing books and I have been so impressed by how much they are enjoying the books and by how their drawing confidence has improved so I thought I would share some details about the two books.

The easier book is the I Can Draw Animals (Usborne Playtime).  I first bought this book for my daughter a few years ago but lately it has been my son that is just loving the book.

I can draw animals - step by step process of how to draw a teddy

He is following the step by step process and in most cases in coming out with a drawing which is a fairly good resemblance to the books pictures.

The kids have been doing their drawings in the evenings while I finish making their dinner (they like to sit at the kitchen table and do an activity while I am busy).  I found with this book that once he managed just one of the animals he was so excited that he wanted to try another animal and another one and another one.

I can draw animal book - drawing a cat

We have had a few that did not work out but I have encouraged him to try it again a bit later.

The animals included in this book are the following

  • lion  (just his head)
  • cat
  • dolphin
  • lizard
  • rabbit
  • hen
  • teddy (thought this was strange to include in a book with animals but the kids love it)
  • tiger
  • fish
  • monkey
  • frog
  • horse
  • turtle
  • flamingo
  • reindeer (one of the ones that has been frustrating my son)
  • a bee

I think it is a nice selection and the kids seem to agree.

My daughter has been using a different drawing book – It’s Fun to Draw Safari Animals.  I personally think these animals are slightly harder than the first book but my daughter has not noticed the jump from the first book onto this one so I have not mentioned anything.

It's fun to draw Safari animals - drawing a Leopard

Its fun to draw safari animals - drawing a lion

The animals included in this book are the following

  • zebra
  • lion
  • giraffe
  • ostrich
  • eagle
  • wildebeest
  • elephant
  • leopard
  • warthog
  • thomson’s gazelle
  • crocodile
  • baboon
  • hippo
  • cheetah

I really like these books because they have encourages both my kids to draw and the books are set out in such a manner that the kids can do the drawings by themselves while I am busy with another activity.  I do still sit with the kids and enjoy helping them with their drawing but these books are for when I need to get on with something.

The other reason that I like these books is more from a sensory processing angle.  My daughter really battles with visual sensory input.  When she looks at something she takes in every little detail which often ends up overwhelming her and as you can imagine it can be very exhausting for her.  These books are a very simple way of trying to get her to practice focusing on just a few details – so in every step – what is different ? what has been added ?  I know for some that may sound really simple but for my daughter it has been something that she really battles with and something that she really needed to practice.  Because her brain is dealing with all the visual details that lots of us naturally filter out she often tends to miss more basic items (I hope I am doing an okay job of explaining it).

So have a look at the Ostrich page – each step there is just a few new things added

It's fun to draw safari animals - step by step how to draw an ostrich

And then the end result

It's fun to draw safari animals - an ostrichThese books have been such a success with both my kids and me that I have just ordered them two new ones (I will let you know if the new ones are as big a hit once we have tested them out).

Drawing books


animal drawing books




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    I’ve always like drawing books. These look like a lot of fun.

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