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STABILO easyoriginal handwriting pen

One of the questions I am often asked is which pens and pencils do the kids use.  I have often mentioned the STABILO pencils that we use and LOVE (The Woody 3-in-1’s and the Easycolour) so I thought I would share the pen that my daughter has been using and loving.  No big surprise it is also STABILO.

Maybe you are wondering why we are such big STABILO fans ?

Well it started years ago when I was searching for pencils for my daughter.  At this stage she was really battling with her pencil pressure (part of her SPD – a light touch for her feels hard so when she was pressing down with the pencils she thought she was pressing hard enough but in reality it was very light).  I bought a bunch of different pencils for her and she hated all of them. Then a friend mentioned the STABILO 3-in-1’s and I bought our first pack and they were an instant HIT.  My daughter found them comfortable, she could get decent colour without having to stress about how hard she was pressing.  And the more she used them the more confident she got.  For the first time she started to enjoy using pencils.  When she started writing letters we actually used the STABILO 3-in-1’s.  She loved them. (These fab pencils can write on laminated pages and windows and they just wipe off.)

STABILO 3-in-1 pencils

So when she was a bit older I bought her some STABILO easycolour pencils (they have little groves where your fingers go) – again a big hit.  By this stage she had naturally gotten better with her pencil pressure but she still sometimes complained when using other pencils that they felt to hard, the Easycolour pencils sat nicely in her hands, she did not complain about the feeling on her skin or about her hands getting sore.  So we stuck with these and around this time STABILO saw some of the blog posts I had written and kindly sent us more goodies for the kids to use.  All of which have had great grips.

So when my daughter started using my ball-point pens and complained about the way they wrote I went back to a STABILO product and she now has an Easyoriginal handwriting Pen.

STABILO EASYoriginal handwriting fit

It is brilliant.  It is soft and super comfy to hold and has the finger places moulded in (very similar to the EASYcolour pencils).

My daughter finds them very comfy to hold and easy to write with.

Her younger brother who is almost 6 has also tried her pen and loves it.

handwriting pen - STABILO easyoriginal handwriting pen

It is a definite winner with both my kiddies and with me.  They are not cheap but for us the price is worth the fact that my daughter will happily sit and write, she has started writing stories and all kinds of extra goodies, without anyone prompting her and without any complaining.

In case you liked the sound of the pencils / pens above I bought ours from Amazon here are the links

STABILO EASYoriginal Handwriting Pen for Right Handed – Light/Dark Pink (these do come in different colours so make sure you select the colour you like)

STABILO EASYcolours Ergonomic Colouring Pencil for Right Handed – Assorted Colours, Wallet of 12

STABILO Woody 3-in-1 Multi-Talented Pencil – Assorted Colours, Wallet of 10


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