Building Block themed number cards

Sometimes I find something and we use it over and over and over and over again.  These building block themed number cards have been just that with my son.  They are number cards with the number represented by building block (Lego) tower(s).  Straightforward, not complex but as far as number cards go they just appealed to my youngest.

We started off using them as a basic number representation exercise.  I would lay out the number cards for him (or he would choose some random cards from a pile).

Twinkl lego themed number cards set out for the kids to build towers

And then we would build towers for every card (correct number of Lego bricks as per the number on the card).

building towers to match the Twinkl number cards

Simple but when my son was younger he thought this was a great way to practice his numbers.

He also used the cards to build number lines (at the time he was copying his older sister who was ordering cards from smallest to biggest).

Lego themed number cards from Twinkl set out in order

As he got older we still used these cards (when you find something that is a winner I vote for sticking with it and adapting it).  So when I was explaining that numbers over 10 are made up of 10 and then some ones we grouped our building blocks into towers of tens and loose ones and he grouped his bricks to represent the number on the card.  Again really simple but it helped him understand numbers over 10.

Lego number cards from Twinkl

And then today when his older sister was using some big number cards (in thousands) to write out great then and less than sums he asked if he could do his own sums.  So once again the ever popular building block themed number cards were fetched and he had a go at writing his own greater than and less than sums.

using the Twinkl building block number cards to work out greater than and less than

The number cards that we have been using are the – Build tower 1-20 building block number cards from Twinkl (part of their paid for package) I printed ours out over 18 months ago and have just noticed that they have since added a 1-30 version (also part of their paid for package).

Twinkl building block number cards

I have been asked about the laminated cards that we make and use.  I tend to print onto some thin card that we have, laminate the pages and then I cut them all out.

The card that we use is this – Lightweight White Card for Children to Use in All Types of Crafts 160 gsm (Pack of 100).

Laminating pouches I tend to look for bulk value deals and then stock up (I have used lots of different brands – whichever has the best deal)

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