Mad About Minibeasts art

My youngest is completely crazy about the Giles Andreae book Mad About Minibeasts.  He has gotten to the point where he can recite the pages from memory (although he does try to con us by saying he is “reading” the pages).

Mad about Minibeasts by Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz great book for young kids

He has not been this obsessed over a NON-Dinosaur book EVER.  So I could not resist trying to use his obsession to get him to do some art – and boy did he jump at the idea (it has been an ongoing art activity for a few weeks now).

I merely suggested that he use the pictures in the book as ideas, maybe he could try to draw some of the pictures, maybe he could use the colours as a guide when colouring in or maybe he could do some crafty activities, it was up to him.

He and his sister started off by using their favourite Free to download Twinkl Mininbeast colouring pages (and honestly when I say favourite I think I have now printed off more than 10 copies).  They did a bee, a butterfly and a few snails all by looking at the pictures in the book and then trying to copy the patterns.  Love the Rainbow Snail.

Mad About Minibeast - the snail with a rainbow shell

Mad About Mininbeasts butterfly picture

I left the book and some art supplies on the kitchen table hoping they would come back and try some more pictures – and they did.  On a later day he decided to draw one of the ants  – proud mommy moment – I was very impressed with his drawing.

Mad About Minibeasts drawing an ant

And while he was doing his drawing his sister tried to copy the dragonfly – this time she used pencil shavings and rubbed them onto the page with her fingers.

Mad about Mininbeast dragonfly

And when they had finished I still left the book lying on the kitchen table.  And they came back and this time both kids had a go at making stick insects (magic maize).

Mad About Minibeast - making a Stick Insect with magic maize

And still I left the book and art supplies on the “magical” kitchen table and my daughter had a go at drawing her own worm page.

Mad About Minibeasts - making your own worm drawing using the page from the book

They have also coloured lots of Beetles and Earwigs in.

I love that a children’s book can inspire the kids to do some art.

In case you do not own your own copy of this fab book here is a link – Mad About Minibeasts!  Both my kids and I highly recommend this sweet Minibeast book and I have a feeling that we might still be inspired by this book – my kids are talking about doing a minibeast collage.

Children's Art inspired by the book Mad About Minibeasts by Giles AndreaeI have included an Affiliate link. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same.



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  1. Camie says:

    I love it when a book inspires!


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