Enkl just for fun

As a home-educating mom I can be guilty of always trying to link our crafts to a topic and when I find a fun looking craft I do sometimes save it with the idea that it will be great for when we learn about x topic.  But this weekend my daughter and I had a go at making some of the Twinkl Enkl crafts just for fun.  No topic linked in.  Just us printing off some pages that we thought looked cute.

We had a go at the Enkl safari animals and an Enkl desk organiser (The Enkl range is part of their paid for premium package).

Enkl craft range from Twinkl

My daughter loved the idea of the desk tidy so we started with that.  She choose the fox but once we had printed it all out she got very confused so I did most of the desk tidy while she focused on the Safari peg animals.  She does love the end result of the fox desk tidy and has already asked if I could make another one for the kids table (I think the fox desk tidy looks good on my desk).

Enkl desk tidy

The Enkl safari peg animals were much easier for my daughter, she managed the cutting and most of the folding (she did get a bit confused with the two different types of folds but once I helped her finish the first animal and showed her how to do it she was fine).  And she thinks they are super cute – hence all the photographs.

Enkl lion from TwinklEnkl elephant

Enkl safari giraffe peg animalEnkl animals

And my youngest thinks they make “cool animal toys”

Enkl safari peg animal from Twinkl fun cool crafty african animals

Enkl range from Twinkl website. Fun craft part of their premium package

As part of the Twinkl blogger network I have been given access to their premium range.




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  1. Camie says:

    Those are adorable! We like crafting just for fun.

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