Foam dice, hopscotch mat and a whiteboard

This last week we have been taking it slow.  My daughter did an amazing job performing in a ballet show over the weekend but now she needs to unwind.  She managed the whole weekend without sensory issues, which was huge for us (full post about that coming soon), but I have since picked up a few subtle clues that now she needs to just rest and process it all.

Foam Dice from Target UK

So our normal home-education activities have taken a backseat and we have been relaxing at home however the kids have still managed to create their own learning activities.  Learning activities that has been spurred on by them and driven by them.

We got out our old foam hopscotch mat (bought it about 4 years ago from Tesco) and the kids started a game of throwing their foam dice (bought last week from Target in the UK) on the mat and working out what the combination of the number on the dice and the number on the foam mat was.

Throwing his dice onto the foam hop scotch mat

My youngest needed to write out the sums so I got our old whiteboard out for him to use.

Writing his sums out on the white board

And naturally if one sibling is doing it the other one just has to join in – so my oldest also started writing out her sums.

Writing out their sums on the white boardAnd as always he kept looking at how she was writing her sums and he noticed that she sometimes wrote her sums in columns, so he asked her why and she explained that when you have numbers with tens in them using columns makes it easier, so he had a go. (Love that he learns so much from his big sister).

After throwing his dice onto the foam mat he writes out his sum on the white board

But she quickly started complaining that her sums were too easy.  So I suggested why not try throwing multiple dice and see where they land.  And she did and she started creating longer sums.

Using two dice to get a harder sum Writing out the sum which goes with using two dice


And then without any prompting she started turning some of her longer sums into multiplication sums.

After writing out our sums naturally progressed to some repeated addition sums and onto multiplication

I left them to do as many as they wanted and when they had enough they naturally moved onto something else, although my youngest did instruct me to leave everything on the floor as he wanted to come back to it later (and he did).

Update – We have now moved onto using this to work out which numbers are greater than or less than.  He throws two dice and we work out the total of each dice (add the number of the dice to the number it lands on) and then he tells me which way the crocodile mouth should face (ie which of the two numbers that he calculated is great than or less than)

Maths at home using foam dice, hopscotch mat and a board




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  1. living life our way says:

    It’s so true- the learning never stops! Lovely activities.

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