Letter and Sound folder Update including Long Vowel Sounds

Letter and Sound folder updated to include some long vowel sounds

My son’s Letter and Sound folder that I made him last year as been a big life saver for me.  I printed off the pages and did all the laminating and cutting and then left it on the bookshelf so when I wanted an activity it was all set up waiting.  It did take me some time to set it all up initially but I found that the upfront time spent setting it all up was worth it as I could just grab goodies out whenever I needed them.

So with that in mind and the fact that my son has now started learning the long vowel sounds and other more complicated sounds I thought it was time to update his folder.  And yes it did take me some time to find the activities, print them, laminate and cut them but I know that the time I spent setting it all up will be worth it when life gets busy and chaotic. I will be adding more activities to the folder but for now I think it is a nice start.

So what have I used.

Laddie the Labrador says..(this set is Free from Twinkl). The kids have to match the word that Laddie is saying to a picture.

Laddie the Labrador says matching card activity from Twinkl

I already know this is going to be a hit with my little boy.   This contains lots of different sounds so my plan is to select certain cards as we learn the sounds.

I have also printed a new set of the missing sound cards (phase 3 set) from Twinkl.  We used a set of these cards for the basic sounds and they worked really well as my son could use them both with his magic letters and with his white board marker pens (so yes I have laminated these cards so we can re-use them a couple of times).

Missing sound cards including some long vowel sounds

I stumbled onto this Secret Word Phonic game by accident and my kids have already been using it (my oldest has been helping the youngest figure out some of the sounds which he has not learnt yet).  And they think it is great.  I think it would be a fun revision game to do with the kids once they have learnt all the sounds.

Secret word phonic game

Playing the secret word phonic game

I have also included more of the what’s in the box cards from Twinkl.  We used the phase 2 cards a lot.  I have included the Phase 3 cards (Free to download) and I am sure at some stage I will be printing off the phase 4 cards.  With these cards I start off my only giving him the cards containing the sounds that he is busy learning but once we have covered all the sounds I then mix all the cards up and we have a couple of revision goes.  I have laminated these cards as we used the phase 2 cards a lot and I like that we can use our white board marker pens on them.  We sometimes trace over the words and we also have used the cards to hunt for vowels so laminating them is a must for me.

What's in the box phase 3 cards free to download from Twinkl

Magic e.  At the moment the only magic e activity that I have included are these magic e wand cards (I will definitely be adding more later).  The are available for each vowel.  I think I might actually use the new Twinkl font to create some of our own magic e cards.

Magic e wand activity from Twinkl

With the folder I try to stick to cards/ activities and I print off worksheets or pages as I need them but I have included a couple of pages in my folder already.  I really like the idea of these spot the sound pages.  I think they are great to use with the kids when they are learning the new long vowel sounds

Sound story spotter

And lastly I just printed these last night and have not done my cutting and laminating yet but I had to include them.  Missing sound peg cards (and I do love a peg card activity).  The idea is that the sounds in the little boxes below are cut out and stuck onto your pegs then the kids will select which peg to use to complete the word.  Love it.  definitely worth the cutting and laminating.

Missing sound peg card activity from Twinkl In case you missed my original letter and sound folder ideas here they are

Letter and Sound folder part 1

and Letter and sound folder part 2

Letter and sound folder as made by ofamily. Includes free and paid for pages from Twinkl resourceUnless otherwise mentioned the Twinkl resources are par of their Classic package.  All links / references to Twinkl are valid at the time of writing this post.




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