Practicing words with Road themed letters

Word practice for young kids using Free to download road themed letters

My little man is currently very excited about reading and spelling words.  So I have been wanting to capitalise on this excitement with words and build some extra word activity into our home learning.

Twinkl has a road themed letter display pack – FREE to download.  We actually have them printed out and laminated in one of his folders and he uses them to trace over the letters.  So I knew he liked the letters (almost anything vehicle related is a hit with my little man).  But this time I printed the letters onto card and cut each letter out individually.  The cutting does take a bit of time – great to do in front of the television but for me it was time well spent.

The idea was that he would then use the letters to spell out his own words.

Using the road themed letters from Twinkl to build words. perfect for relaxed at home learning activity

He mostly wanted to try animal or vehicle related words.

Using Free to download Road themed letters to spell out basic CVC words.  Great for at home learning

But he also practiced a few of our “important words”

Practicing spelling words with the Road themed letters free to download from Twinkl Resources

Depending on which words you are wanting to practice with the kids you might find it useful to print a few extra letters – we found that a second copy of the vowels was very useful and also 2 copies of l and s came in very handy.  But that really does depend on which words the kids are going to want to spell out.

It was a very simple activity but it was a success with a my little guy and he enjoyed creating his words with the road themed letters.

building basic words with the FREE to download road themed letters from Twinkl Resources

Free Road letters perfect for practicing letter recognition and basic sight words


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  1. Camie says:

    Those are way cool!


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