Sealife Fuse Bead (Hama Bead ) set

It is no secret that we love our Hama Beads.  We have used them a lot as a calming down activity for our oldest

Fuse beads

and we have used them in a number of different craft projects.  I think they are a great Fine Motor activity.

In the past we have used boards and beads that I have bought separately and then created our own patterns or copied patterns and ideas that I have found on Pinterest (I have a Hama Board).  But recently I tried something different I was ordering some White A4 card and laminating pouches (1oo for £5.99) from Baker Ross when I saw fuse bead sets for  £3.49.  Total spur of the moment and I added one set to my shopping basket thinking it would be fun extra birthday pressie for my daughter.

When the boxes arrived I did not manage to stash the fuse bead set in time and my daughter and son quickly pounced on it and immediately asked if they could have a go.

So what comes in the Sealife fuse bead set – 3 small boards, 3 sheets of ironing paper around 900 beads and picture examples of 6 sealife creatures.

Fuse bead set from Baker Ross

The pictures of the Hama bead creatures is what really spurred my kids on.  They sat and counted out the bead patterns,

Fuse bead sealife set

they carefully considered how to start each pattern and where to place the starting beads so that the picture would fit on the board,

Fuse Bead sealife set starting the fish

they helped each other when they got stuck ad worked out the solution together.

Fuse bead sea turtle

Honestly I never realised a small fuse bead set would be such a great learning activity especially as we already own so many fuse bead goodies.

And in case you are wondering the beads and the boards that you get with this set are completely interchangeable with the Hama beads and Hama boards that you buy.

And yes the fuse beads in this set iron perfectly.

Fuse bead set ironing the creaturesSome of our end results

Fuse bead sealife kit after they have been ironed on ofamilyblog

They have a lovely selection of these fuse bead sets.  Next time I order from Baker Ross I am definitely going to include another set in my basket – probably the bird fuse bead set or maybe the Jungle animal set.


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