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We are naturally a house of bookworms but lately it has seemed to be more so that usual.  My daughter has been enjoying a series of books that we picked up at a National Trust site and is continuously looking up birds and other creatures that she finds in our garden.  She is also reading a lot to her younger brother and he has just started reading some basic readers himself.  So with all this reading going on I thought  I would share some of our current favourites.

The Spot 50 range of books that my daughter is loving is this set by Miles Kelly

Spot 50 range of books bought from The National Tust

We bought the entire set for £6.99 at our local National Trust Site (Claremont gardens) and boy was it worth every penny.  My daughter is constantly using the books to look up garden birds, flowers and insects that she spots and then she reads about them.  She even takes them with us in the car when we got out for our walks (at the national trust sites).

Spot 50 bird book

The other mix of books are all books which my kids have dragged out of our bookshelf over the last 3 weeks and just never seem to end up back on the bookshelf (or within a few hours of them getting packed back onto the bookshelf they end up back on the couch or in the kids bed).

Book Finds - current books being enjoyed by the kids of ofamilyblog

The Animal Homes book is one I picked up from a local charity shop.  It has a two page spread for each different type of animal home.  My little man loves this book.

Kingfisher Animal Homes book by Angela Wilkes

But his current favourite is definitely the Usborne Big Book of Big Bugs.  This book has brilliant detailed pictures of all the bugs and they are all the same size as real life.  For my little man this is just the most amazing thing ever.  The fact that the pictures in the book are the same size as the bugs would appear in real life, well it just makes this the best bug book ever – his words.

The Usborne Big Book of Big Bugs one of the favourite bug books of ofamilyblog

Usborne Big book of big bugs

The first of the two current favourite fiction books in our house is Alien Tea on Planet Zum-Zee.  My son loved this book last year and then forgot about it but lately it appears to be making a come back. And The Day the Crayons Quit.  Both my kids love this book.  They think it is hilarious.  They love that each crayon writes a letter to their owner and  that the different coloured crayons complain about different issues.  Big winner with both my kids and I have to be honest as the person who reads it a lot, it is not a bad story to have to read over and over and over again.

The Day the Crayons Quit - a favourite storybook

My youngest is thrilled that he is starting to read books that he can remember his sister reading.  He is currently reading some of the Julia Donaldson Songbird books (stage 1+).  He enjoys these stories and likes the pictures.  The stories are at the right level for him and are definitely boosting his confidence with reading – he gets very proud when he reads a new story.  He often takes this book up to his bed at bedtime so he can read his big sister a bedtime story (in the past she would often read him stories at bedtime so he is thrilled that he can now read to her).

Julia Donaldson Songbirds Stage 1+ book

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