Maths learning aid for number bonds

This last week we have been playing around with making some Maths learning aids.  We wanted to do one which showed the link between number bonds to 10 and then 100 and 1000.  And we wanted to do something which also showed the link between number bonds to 10 and number bonds to 20.  Both are very simple home-made learning aids but they suit my daughter and the way she likes to learn.

Our first attempt was this one – we folded some coloured card as a 6 page accordion (check out this pin for some paper folding ideas).

Maths folding aid our first attempt

On the first page we wrote out the number bonds to 10.  We cut the first page into strips and on the 2nd page (so if you lifted up a strip from the first page you would see it) we wrote the same number bonds but multiplied by 10.  So if on the first page it said 1+9=10 on the 2nd page we would write 10 +90 =100.

This was okay but when my daughter then wanted to include 100’s (eg 100+900=1000) it just did not work like she wanted it to.

So we tried another version.  This time we used three pieces of different coloured card – roughly A5 size.  We stapled all three together and cut 11 strips down the side.

Maths folding aid cutting the strips

On the first page we wrote our Number bonds to 10.  Then on the 2nd page it was the same number bond but multiplied by 10 and on the last page it was multiplied by 100.

So 2+10 = 10 would then become 20 +80 = 100 and then 200+800 = 1000.

Maths folding aid for number bondsMy daughter was happy with this version and the way the sums all ended up one under the other.

Now we wanted to try and do one which showed a link between number bonds to 10 and number bonds to 20.  We tried a few versions but my daughter was adamant that there had to be flaps involved so in the end we came up with this.

Maths folding aid showing number bonds to 10 and 20

We started off by folding our card into three equal sections.  The middle 1/3 is the area on which the number bonds to 10 are written.  Then we folded the two outer section in half so that they created a flap.  And we cut the folds into strips so my daughter can lift up an individual strip to see what the number bond for 20 would be.

Maths learning aid for number bonds to 20This one is proving very popular with my daughter  as she was very confident and quick with the number bonds to 10 but she needed to think for her number bonds to 20.  Now that she is seeing a visual link between the numbers she seems to be much more confident and quick when I ask her.

Maths home-made learning aids for Number bonds as made by ofamilyblog

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