Dinosaur Maths

It is no secret that our house is slightly dinosaur mad.  Most dinosaur related activities are big hits with both my kids so I thought it was time my youngest had a go at some dinosaur maths.

I printed out these free dinosaur footprints from Twinkl and cut them out.  The plan was to use them for some basic addition but before we started our sums my youngest had a go at placing the footprint in the correct order

Dinosaur footprint numberline

and he made sure that each footprint had the correct number of dinosaurs or eggs (speckled easter eggs make greater dinosaur eggs) on them.

Dinosaur footprints with dinosaur eggs added

(If your kids are still working on their number recognition a great activity would be to randomly call out the numbers on the footprints and get them to stand on the correct footprint or do something fun like give number 5 a T-Rex and give number 8 a Stegosaurus.)

Once he was satisfied we started playing around a bit.  First I placed one dinosaur on each footprint and he had to work out how many dinosaur eggs or baby dinosaurs he needed to add.  So for footprint 3 the sum ended up being 1+2 =3

Dinosaur addition set up

Dinosaur maths working out that 1 Dinosaur plus 2 dino eggs equals 3He did some using his dinosaur eggs and he did some using baby dinosaurs and he even repeated a few of them.

Dinosaur addition using baby dinosaurs

He thought this was great.  And ended up doing a lot of sums. We did stick to either adding 1, 2 or 3 at this stage.

Dinosaur maths 2 dinosaurs plus 3 eggs equals 5

At the end he even did some basic subtraction without realising it.  I told him that everyone could get 2 dinosaur eggs to eat.  So he gave his sister two eggs and then he worked out that 7-2 = 5 (once he took the 2 eggs away he only had 5 eggs left).  And 5-2 =3 and then lastly 3-2=1.

I have a feeling our Dinosaur maths is going to be ongoing next week.


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2 Responses to Dinosaur Maths

  1. Jenny Higgs says:

    Hello, I love this, haven’t seen these footprints before. I think I will try to use them with my son for multiplication, perhaps jumping to get some of that energy out!

    Have you seen the hatching dinosaurs number bonds to twenty, they were a huge hit with my daughter. We love Twinkl too thanks to you for introducing us and showing such creative ways of using the resources.


    Liked by 1 person

    • ofamily2014 says:

      Oh no I have not spotted the hatching dinosaur number bonds I will definately look out for them. Thanks for mentioning that. Glad you are enjoying the fun ways we use Twinkl.


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