Male and Female animal folder

Our latest folder is this Male and Female animal name folder using the lovely cards from Twinkl.  My kids really loved the Animal and their Young folder so I wanted to try to build on that interest.  The Animal and their young folder was such a hit  that it is now permanently upstairs in the kid’s bedroom as the kids are constantly using it to “teach ” their toys.

The Male and Female cards that I used are part of the platinum package from Twinkl.

male and female animal name cards from Twinkl

I started off my sticking all the female animal name cards onto the folder.

male and female folder - sticking the female cards done first

Then I stuck the male card on top using some sticky tape.  I only stuck it on the left side so that the kids could open it up and see the matching male and female animals cards.

male and female folder sticking the male card on

male and female folder with a flap open - on ofamilyblog

Very easy, just some cutting and sticking and it is all complete.  Quick and easy to put together.

Male and female animal folder using Twinkl pages on ofamilyblog

And the kids ?  My daughter started looking at the folder first and straight away called her younger brother over.

Male and Female animal folder being used by ofamilyblog

Male and female animal folder

The only downside is it prompted them asking me a bunch of questions about other animals which I could not answer.  But that is what the internet is for and we all ended up learning a few new words.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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