Letter and Sound folder part 2

I have been collecting more resources to go inside my son’s Letter and Sound folder.  If you missed the first post where I shared links for all the FREE resources that I am planning on using here it is – Letter and Sounds folder part 1.

This blog post I am going to share some of the resources that I have downloaded from the Twinkl premium packages and a few examples of how I plan on using them.

I love this I spy alphabet  (Twinkl Classic) page.  I have laminated ours as I already have a few different ideas on how we can use it and I want to make sure it lasts.

I spy alphabet activity including in the letter and sounds folder on ofamilyblogI think it will go nicely with a letter hunt using our Letter sensory tub.  The idea being that they search for a letter in the tub and once they have found a letter they use a magic pen (white board marker) to circle the same letter on the sheet.

Using the I spy alphabet activity with a letter sensory tub found on ofamilyblogMy daughter is also in the process of making some Capital letters for her brother using her Hama Beads.  I was thinking we could also use these Hama Bead letters with our I spy alphabet sheet to match the Capital letter with a lower case letter.

Making our own Hama bead letters to use with the Letter and sound activitiesAnd we could also hide either the Hama Bead letters or his magnetic letters in a small bag (pillow case will also work) and then get him to find a letter, guess what letter it is based on how the shape feels and then find the letter on the I spy sheet.  And maybe we could combine some letters with some Maths and make our own tally sheet counting how many of each letter they can find on the I spy alphabet sheet. The opportunities for using the I spy alphabet sheet are endless.

We have already used some of the confusing letter pack (Twinkl Classic) before but it is one of those activities that I do like to repeat a few times as it is something that you want to make sure they understand so I am including these aswell.  My son likes using his Dot marker pens for these (Bingo markers) but you could also use round stickers or the kids could colour them in.

Confusing letters pack from Twinkl included in letter and sounds folder ofamilyblogAs anyone who reads my blog knows we love our peg cards.  We actually have a small container on our bookshelf which always has different peg cards in it and the kids can get it down whenever they like.  My kids also really like using their “magic pens” (white board marker pens) on their peg cards so I normally laminate ours.

So since I know peg cards are always a hit I had to include these two, the missing letter peg activity and the rhyming matching word peg activity ( both Twinkl Classic)

Missing letter peg activity from Twinkl included in ofamilyblog's letter and sounds folder

Rhyming word peg activity cards from the Twinkl website

My son is already loving these letter formation posters (he started doing some while I was busy laminating them) so these are going to be reappearing in his folder.  I know that printing out each letter on a single piece of paper and then laminating them seems like a lot but after watching my daughter really battle with her handwriting I think it is worth it.  I really like the way these show how the letters work (and my son has been doing them over and over again so I do think it is worth it). Oh also Twinkl Classic.

Letter formation posters laminated and using white board marker pens

But you could also print out this large letter formation poster where all the letters are on one page if you wanted to save paper and ink.

I also think I might re-include the Bertha on the Bus activity.  We did it a while ago and actually both my kids enjoyed playing with it so I think we might try it again.

Bertha on the busBertha on the bus 3I am sure that I will adding more resources to our folder as we progress but for now I do feel like I have at least done some planning.

If you would like to see more ideas for the letter and Sounds folder please do let me know.

Ideas to include in a Letter and Sound folder for young kids learning to read found on ofamilyblogPlease note – all links/ references to Twinkl were correct at date of writing this post.

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2 Responses to Letter and Sound folder part 2

  1. happyhema says:

    I love your ideas. If I keep reading your blog I know I’ll eventually cave and buy a premium subscription! Those peg cards look great. What is in your letter sensory pot? I like that idea. My 7 year old son is into Hama breads but often lacks inspiration for makes, I’ll show him this and see if he wants to make some letters. He loves teaching his little sister and has helped her learn lots of letters and numbers, I’m sure he’d be keen to make some resources too!


  2. ofamily2014 says:

    All of the peg cards have been a bit hit. The letter sensory bin was initailly started with a big bag of mixed buttons that I bought at a craft shop and our magnetic letters but that was two years ago. Since then we have added Hama beads and some craft beads that we found at Tescos. Both kids love it. My daughter used it a lot when she was learning her letters and learning basic cvc words.


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