Making more Maths peg cards

Stuck inside all day waiting for two separate repair guys to come and fix items in the house.  Not my favourite way to spend a whole day but I suppose a good excuse to get some more prepping work done.  I wanted to complete part 2 of our Letter and Sound folder but the colour ink in my printer is complaining saying I have used too much (how could that be I never print ??).

Lucky one of things on my list of goodies to make only required Black ink so new Maths peg cards is just going to be the stuck indoor activity for the day.  I have made number recognition peg cards and money peg cards before and they have always been a success with the kids.  I like using these peg cards as my kids always prefer doing activities like this instead of worksheets and they end up strengthening their little hands while they are using the pegs so all in all it is a win-win situation for me.

The first set of peg cards was these cute Adding One cards for my son.  I used the FREE blank peg card template from Twinkl and I used some existing stickers out of the kids art and craft supply.   The peg card template prints 3 cards onto one page, I find it is best to print on card.

Peg card template from Twinkl is free to download and youcan create your own peg card activities for the kids

I think the stickers are a combination of Tesco’s and Yellow Moon. I like these foam  stickers as they are slightly raised but it does mean I could not laminate the cards.  Now that I have finished these Adding one cards I am thinking about making another set as I do love the end result.

Adding one number peg cards made with foam stickers found ofamilyblog

I also made a few Tally mark cards.  I just drew the tally marks onto the card with my black sharpie. Very simple but it does the trick.

Using the Free to download Peg card Templates from Twinkl to create Tall Mark Cards

And lastly I made these word recognition cards in Afrikaans for my daughter.  When I prepare activities for one kid it is almost a guarantee that the other one comes and asks me to do the same or similar activity.  So I am hoping that when my son does his Adding One peg cards my daughter will then give these Afrikaans word recognition cards a go.

Using the Free to download Peg card templates from Twinkl to create second language cards

And this evening as I was finishing up the cards I had a little visitor who just could not resist having a go.

Using the Free to download peg card templates from Twinkl to create your own Maths cards

After having a go with this adding one cards he got out his old number recognition cards but as these ones are laminated he choose to use his “magic pen” to circle the correct answer. (The number recognition peg cards in the photo below are FREE to download from Twinkl).

Free to download adding to 10 peg cards from Twinkl Resources

So now I am thinking that maybe it would be better to use normal stickers and not raised foam stickers so that I can laminate them, that way he has the option of using the cards with pegs or with his “magic pen” (white board marker).

Create your own peg card activities using the FREE to download template from Twinkl Resources



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2 Responses to Making more Maths peg cards

  1. nicole says:

    What a great idea! I’m finding it a struggle to get my five year old to do any addition (she prefers writing), and I think this might just get her interested in giving it a go. Thanks x

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