Making some fun 3D Hama Bead pictures

This past week my daughter has continued with her Hama beads and we have been making some cute items including some flowers, a butterfly, trees and seahorses.

We thought it might be fun to see if we could use some of the Hama Beads to make a picture (it was very trail and error on our side but it actually turned out quite well).  We started off by cutting an old cereal box

Cereal box used for Hama bead picture

and then painted the inside blue and green so that it could act as a backdrop for a garden scene.

Cereal box painted to be used as background for Hama bead pictureThe Hama bead designs that we used included our trees (the tree with the red beads in it is my daughters version of an apple tree), two flowers and a butterfly.  (Tip it really helps to iron these on both sides so that they are a bit stronger)

Hama bead ideas for a garden sceneMy daughter just used some blue tack when she made her picture (she says she might want to reuse the items in another picture so she did not want to glue them down).  She also added some green shredded paper as grass

Hama bead garden scene

I thought it was a fun first attempt at some 3D art.

My daughter has made herself a pink seahorse (the blue seahorse is a combined effort by my son and I ) and is experimenting with making some fish so we are thinking about maybe trying something similar with an underwater scene.

Hama bead seahorses and fish found on ofamilyblog

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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