What our neighbours think of homeschooling

We have been homeschooling for almost three years now and I have had very different reactions from my neighbours over the almost three years.  I had a lovely neighbour who was fascinated by it and came for some tea and chatted about it, she was great.  I have also had a neighbour who assumed I just ran a free child care service and was always sending her kid over after school so she could get her chores done.  In fact if we where going somewhere she actually got quite put out.  We have also had a neighbour who was petrified that my kids contained some kind of homeschooling virus that was highly contagious.  This was a pity as I was convinced that her son and my two kids could have been firm friends.

homeschooling kids

So yesterday after totally ignoring all the boxes waiting to be unpack I went and sat with my kids in our new back garden and listened to them play and the thought did enter my mind – “What would our new neighbours think of this strange homeschooling family ?”  But I must be honest, I did not ponder on it too long as my daughter wanted to show me all the grass and leaf samples that she had collected for her toy animals and my son wanted to discuss why carnivores have sharp teeth and why some herbivores appeared to have no teeth at all.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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