Making our own money peg cards

We have been using our play money a lot lately with our role-playing so I thought we would try to make our own money peg cards.  (If you have never used peg cards before we love them – the kids select the correct answer and then place a clothes peg on the correct answer – see photo at the bottom of the post)

We used the blank peg card template which is FREE from Twinkl (we used this same template when we made our number peg cards) and the British money cut-outs (gold from Twinkl).  I did the cutting out before hand as I wanted my daughter to focus on doing the money calculations.

Making money cardsMy daughter selected the coins and glued them onto the template then she worked out what the correct answer would be, she wrote that in one of the blocks at the bottom and then wrote two other incorrect answers in the other two blocks.

money cards

money peg cards

Once she had finished making her cards I laminated and cut them out for her.  She was very proud of the final result and has asked if she can try to make some more tomorrow.

Money peg cards completed

I love the fact that she practiced her maths and writing and made something that she is proud of.

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