Making our own Brown bear Brown bear book

Both my kids loved the Eric Carle book “Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see ” when they where a bit younger.  So when I saw these lovely stick puppets (Platinum on Twinkl) I knew they would be a hit in our house and I thought it might be fun if we used them to make our own version of Brown bear, brown bear.

We started off by colouring in the black and white version.  We did not stick to the colours in the book we choose our own colours.

Brown bear Brown bear colouring

Then we cut out the brightly coloured animals and stuck with in our little book.  We just folded some plain white card and drew the lines ourselves.

Brown bear brown bear bookThen my daughter started writing out the sentences for her book.  I have never seen her this excited to do a writing exercise before.

Brown bear Brown bear writing 2

Brown bear brown bear writing 3

Not only did she practice her writing and her spelling but we talked about using capital letters (she likes to insert capital letters in the middle of her sentences).  And the best part was afterwards she was so proud of her little book.

Brown bear brown bear book 2

We will definately be trying something like this again.


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