Australian animal writing practice

Both my kids love any learning activity which involves animals.  So when I try to come up with writing activities for Pink I often end up doing something with animals.

We started off with the Australian animal word mat (FREE from Twinkl).  The kids already knew a number of the animals on the mat but there were some new ones.

Australian animal word mat Once Pink and I had read all of the animal names together I gave her some pictures of the animals shown on the mat and asked her to write labels for them.  For the Australian animal picture I downloaded the FREE editable posters and just printed them 4 to a page.

Australian animals

Once she had written the label she passed the picture with its label to little brother and he had to dig in the magnetic letter tub to find the correct starting sound.  This was  great for him as we got to have a good look at k verses c and spoke about how k is kicking k and c is curling c.

aussie animal soundsWhen Pink was learning her sounds she initially really battled with forming the letters correctly.  After I bought her these magnetic letters we did exercises where she used her fingers to trace the letters and then tried to write them and for her that seemed to really help.

Australian animals  3Pink ended up writing all the labels for the animals that I had (I was not expecting that) so I am going to give this a try with another set of animas soon, maybe some African animals or South American animals.

While they where doing this they also started singing the Kookaburra song, if you are not sure of the words you can download them from Twinkl (Platinum) – Kookaburra Sits in the old Gum Tree


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1 Response to Australian animal writing practice

  1. hicamie says:

    This is great! My daughter would’ve loved this. She is the animal lover in the family.


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